How to disable the Windows Update notification 10

Despite being one of the 10 best Windows operating system versions that Microsoft has already developed, we understand that many users simply prefer to continue using Windows 7 or Windows 8. The only problem are those annoying notifications that are reminding you of Windows Update 10 and trying to force you to do it all the time. To not be bothered by it, there is an easy way to disable these notifications cheap windows 10 key and prevent the system update alone somehow. Check out product key windows 10 our tutorial below for more details!

Disabling Windows update notifications 10

The first thing we must do is open the “Registry Editor” of your system, whereas is still using Windows 7 or 8, of course. Press the “Windows key” and “R” at the same time to open the “run” window, where you must enter “regedit” and press OK to continue.

With the editor of open records, will be required to look for a specific folder. To do this, open the folder “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”, open SOFTWARE.

In it, look for “Policies” and open the folder “Microsoft”, where you should open another folder called “Windows”.

Inside, you’ll find the folder “WindowsUpdate”, which will have a file called “DisableOSUpgrade”.

Double click this file, change the number in the “value data” to “1” and click OK to continue.

This will prevent you to see new notifications on Windows 10 enterprise product key and the system update even without your permission. If you decide that you want to install Windows 10 someday, go back in this same folder and change the value to “0” again.

Still, it’s worth remembering that the Windows 10 product key activation can only be downloaded for free until the end of July this year, so don’t wait too long to upgrade if you don’t want to pay for the new system.


Guide: install Windows 7/Windows 8 10 in dual boot

Downloading Windows 10 will be free until July 29, those few who still have older versions of Windows 7 or 8 may try installing it in dual boot on your PC. Let’s see how to use prepare, install, and use a PC with two operating systems.

If the unquestionably axle and not know whether or not to proceed with upgrading to Windows 10, unless Microsoft has already done with the hard way, you can try it out without having to delete the old OS.

Windows 8 and Windows 7/10 in dual boot on pc

Before you start you will need a copy of Windows 10 (also Windows 7/8 If you have already installed the latest OS and want to go back without deleting it) to a CD or a USB stick. Microsoft provides a downloadable version of Windows 10 ISO on its site, although you will need to activate the operating system if you plan to use it permanently. To activate ISO you must use the USB/DVD Download tool from Microsoft.

Because you are installing windows 7 professional product key  an operating system you should do a full backup of your data because something could go wrong and you may lose your files.

How to create dual booting into Windows: what to do in brief

Create a new partition on your hard disk by using the Windows disk management utility.
Insert the DVD or USB that contains the new version of Windows on your PC, then restart the machine.
Install Windows 10, making sure to select the custom option.
Select the newly created partition as the target for Windows 10. Then click next to install the operating system.
How to create dual booting into Windows: what to do in detail


Before installing the second OS, you must make room on your hard disk. To do this you need at least 25 GB of free space on the PC; is the space that is required by Windows 10. Once you’re signed up any important files you need to go to disk management utility. For this purpose, press the key combination Windows + R. in the window that opens, type diskmgmt.msc and press ENTER.

Disk Management opens where you see a list of partitions on the hard disk. Select the primary partition is usually (C:), and then click with the right button to open the context menu, from which you must select shrink volume.

Now you will see another window that shows the size of the partition where you are prompted to enter the amount of space to reduce in MB. To create a partition from 25 GB you will need to enter 25000 then click decrease. This will modify cheap windows 10 product keys the partition in order to create the space needed to install Windows 10.

Install Windows 10

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Place the Windows CD or USB version 10 previously created in the PC and reboot the machine. Your PC should reboot by activating directly the installation process, if this is not the case and the pc reboots normally you need to change the boot sequence in the BIOS by selecting Start from the CD.

If restarting the installation sequence, you must select the custom option which opens a panel that asks where you want to install Windows? Among the options presented select the one called unallocated space, which should have the size of 25 GB. Click apply and once Windows has created the partition, click Next.

From this point on you will have the normal installation windows 10 professional activation process and when you restart your computer you will have the option to choose between the two operating systems. What is interesting and also useful is that different versions of Windows use the same file system to which you will be able to access files from either of the operating systems.

Opinion: why Windows isn’t really free 10

Windows 10 is not really free. Understand why and how the system is not even for free can help you understand the reason why installing the software on 1 billion until 2017 machines is something so important to Microsoft – and why this version of Windows is so different in essence of Windows 7 and its predecessors.

However, let’s take the ‘ free ‘ part of the way before we get better at it. Of course, you can get the free Windows upgrade 10 now if you have Windows 7 or 8 running on your machine – but that doesn’t mean that Windows 10 for free. Buy a new Windows license 10 still costs money (from 330 reais in Brazil), and the PC makers still need to pay a fee to Microsoft for every computer windows 10 product keys cheap that is sold with Windows installed. Linux is free. The upgrade of Windows just 10 is “free” to people who had already purchased a license before, is a separate license or one that came embedded in a PC. You can’t just download Windows 10 and install it on your new PC without spending anything.

But then why Microsoft playing this “bone” free for users of Windows 7 and 8? Optimists might say that this is a result of the new Microsoft more open and reimaginada of the new CEO Satya Nadella. Cynics may say that there is a way to Microsoft get realistically charge for upgrades now that Apple and Google users have to wait for free updates system. Can exist in two truths visions, but a large part of this sudden buy windows 10 product key generosity of Microsoft sure is the company’s desire for money.

Wait, what? But Windows is not a free upgrade? Yes! And therein lies the genius of Microsoft.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for consumers. Very few users have paid to update their operating systems. Just look at the large number of people still using Windows XP and Windows 7. For most of the history of the system, Windows users were buyers who never put more money in your pocket, unless you decide to purchase a license for Office or an Xbox.

Windows 10-as well as Windows 8 before him – change it. It’s full of all kinds of hooks in the great ecosystem of Microsoft services, which are one of the main focuses of the company since Nadella took over.

The Cortana increases Bing market share with every search you perform. The OneDrive backs up everything to the cloud, and obviously you can buy more storage space you need. The Video apps, Groove Music and Xbox encourage the purchase of entertainment through Microsoft. The new browser Edge and the windows 10 activator system itself you track to send targeted ads. Free Office apps encourage paid subscriptions for Office 365 to unlock all features. Underneath it all, the Windows Store is the repository for all universal apps from Microsoft (and many other things to buy). Even the famous solitaire game begs for a monthly subscription to disappear with the ads now.

In other words, while users of Windows 7 never contributed anything to the final results from Microsoft Windows 10 is full of opportunities for Microsoft to make some money with you, long after you have paid for a Windows 10 license. Which of course is still something you need to do. Microsoft is not crazy. And that’s something Ok. 10 Windows is a great operating system, and one that is very worthwhile upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.

In addition, Microsoft gives you the option to disable or simply not to use any of its services – even though they are very good and useful. You don’t need to pay anything else to get windows 10 professional key 2016 Microsoft just because it uses the Windows 10. But Windows 10 is definitely not free – and it is important to know the reason for it.

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25-character license key for Microsoft Office 2010

it is a combination of 25 characters, opens in test mode and you need to enter the password from 25 characters. September 5, 2011. Here we spread the keys for Microsoft Office 2013 original products from kot155 how to determine buy office 2016 product key the version. Help for Office 2007 or Office 2010. Allows you to not only learn the license product keys.

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From 25 characters type XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. If so just enter the key which you have. Unique for each instance. We are glad to offer you the operating system “Windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (SP1. Vista installation is complete, you can continue to work cheap office 2013 product key with Word 2010. Product key 25.

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Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 Product Keys

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Upgrade to Windows 10

Upgrade to Windows 10

At the moment, going on a massive free upgrade to Windows operating systems 10, which launched by Microsoft. Free upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 could owners of licensed copies of Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 5.0 Update 1.

Free update for these operating systems will operate within one year: from July 29, 2015 year till July 29, 2016 onwards. Owners of other versions of the Windows operating system will not be able to free upgrade to Windows 10.

If the operating system installed on your computer was not updated to Microsoft, you must install buy Windows 10 Education Product Key the following updates: Service Pack 1, or Update 1 (updates are free of charge) via “Windows Update”.

Please note that corporate operating system version (Enterprise, Professional VL) will be updated windows 10 education product key in another way, outside the scope of this update.

This update is really free, no pitfalls is not there, you don’t have to worry.

System requirements for Windows 10
To update the system on your computer’s hard disk must be at least 20 GB of free space for 64 bit system, or 16 GB for 32 bit. Better, if your system drive is as much free space.

System requirements for Windows 10 meet the system requirements of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. If you are running this operating system, this means that you can install on your computer with cheap windows 10 product key the Windows operating system 10.

At least 1 GHz CPU or SoC

1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)

Hard disk space:
16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

Video card:
DirectX version 9 or higher with WDDM 1.0

Need to upgrade your computer to Windows 10?
You can not upgrade your operating system to Windows 10, if you are satisfied with the previous version of the operating system. Your computer will work as usual.

This update is not compulsory, offer free Windows Update has a time frame for the whole year. You can not hurry with the update for your operating system.

What operating systems are upgraded to Windows 10
Your computer is running a Windows operating system that will match 10 installed on your computer operating system. Free update will receive windows 10 product key shop the following editions of Windows:

Windows 10 Home — will be updated Windows 7 starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 8.1
Windows Pro 10 Windows will be updated 7 Professional, Windows 7 ultimate, Windows 8.1 Professional, Windows 8.1 Professional for students
What you need to do before you upgrade to Windows 10
After updating the system practically all programs and features will continue its regular work in Windows 10. Some applications will be removed from the new configuration of the system (e.g., Windows Media Center).

Before you install the update to Windows 10, remove from their computer anti-virus (in most cases, it will still have to reinstall).

Just in case, I recommend making a backup of the system partition. System backup can be created using specialized software such as Acronis True Image, AOMEI Backupper etc.

How to get Windows 10
Microsoft has released a special application “10” transition to Windows to make it easier to upgrade the operating system. By using the applications, you can reserve a Windows Update 10. If your computer does not have this application, you will need to install via “Windows Update”, the latest updates for your operating system.

In the application, you can check the status of a reserved system. Once the update is downloaded on your computer (in the background), on the desktop, you receive a message that States that Windows 10 ready to upgrade. You can run Windows Setup 10 immediately, or choose to update the system more appropriate time.

Other ways of getting Windows 10
If a free upgrade on Windows 10 did not come, and you don’t want to wait anymore, then you can start immediate download to update the system.

This will go on the road: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and then clear the “Download” folder (this is required).

Next, you’ll need to run command prompt as administrator, and then type the following command:

After that, open the “Windows Update”. There you will see your computer loads the Windows operating system 10. First, the download process will begin distribution system and then will happen 10 to prepare Windows installation on the computer. This process will take some time.

To download and install Windows 10 you can use proprietary Microsoft tool: Media Creator Tool. Using Media Creator Tool, you can download Windows 10, run the upgrade, or you can create a bootable media (USB flash drive or DVD drive) to install the system on your computer. More about this can be read in this article.

The upgrade process to Windows 10
After the completion of the renovation, will open a window where you will be offered to choose a time to update system: you can upgrade later, or buy cheap windows 10 education product key start the update immediately.
According to Microsoft, the upgrade process on modern hardware will take about an hour of time. On older hardware, update system can take quite a long time. On my computer, assembled in the year 2008, the update occurred within a few hours (very long), and a modern laptop upgraded in about an hour.

After the computer restarts, it will happen some time configuring updates for Windows 10. Then reloads, after which will open a window of Windows Update.


How to activate Windows 10?

After a certain period of use Windows system regularly require activation. Some firmware and several functions may become unavailable, and the constant pop-up reminder on expiration of licences hinders the users to focus on work.

Windows activation code 10 is specified inside the box drive. If you bought the system on the Web, follow these steps to find out the code:

1. go to the Microsoft store.
2. Log in to your account and view the list of recent purchases upgrade windows 10. Locate the order by which came true buying a new OS.
3. In the supplementary information to the order specified product key. Use it in the activation of the system, and then restart your computer.

Windows activation 10 implies that you will again be available to all blocked utilities and the ability to customize the interface of the computer according to their individual preferences.

Windows 10 activation for users of previous versions of Windows. The reason for the failure of an OS activation
Microsoft introduced a radically new method of distributing operating systems. Anti-piracy, unfortunately, turned out to be almost futile.


That is why all new versions of Windows, users will be able to get absolutely free, the only condition is you must use an older version of the OS that is licensed. The company is betting on a sufficiently large number of paid software in the store Windows.

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to activate Windows, 10 If you are using Windows OS 7/8/8.5:

1. go to the system update, which can be found in the control panel of the computer. Run the scan for available updates, and install them. If you are installing windows 10 the new OS does not start, go to the official website of Microsoft.

2. On the company’s website, locate the tab on Windows 10 and reserve your free upgrade. Then, on the toolbar, computer icon, which will indicate the status of the receipt of the new OS.

Activation failed already installed system can happen due to certain factors:

1. changing the hardware settings of your computer.
2. Previous version of Windows was not updated.
3. technical support found that one copy of Windows installed on multiple computers.

How to activate the system during Setup

If windows is not activated 10, try to install the system from scratch. For those users who prefer to install their OS from scratch should be activated in the initial phase of installation:

Download OS image licensing, activation key enclosing (before installation it is advisable to write it on a sheet of paper).
Configure a bootable USB flash drive or burn the image to disk.
Start the OS installation. At the initial stage of the installation process, you will be prompted to activate the system now or do it after you complete the installation.
We recommend that you enter the key at an early stage. After that the system will be activated. Windows activation 10 requires an Internet connection.

Use of activators

To activate the OPERATING SYSTEM, you can use third-party software cheap windows 10 key that does not require the user to have absolutely no complicated action. Windows activator for 10 minutes will solve the problem of legalization of the OS.

One such program is the utility called “Re-Loader, which in the background checks system and activates it. The application works only with licensed buy windows 10 product key copies of Windows operating system 10.

Thanks to the detailed instructions in this article, how to activate Windows 10 will not be a big problem even for novice users of personal computers. A licensed version of the OS gives users the opportunity to receive professional technical support.

Office Home & Business 2016 Product Key at $54.99

With Office 2016, Microsoft has the next heavyweight in the starting blocks for Windows 10. Read here, when the release date for Office 2016 is and what features of the next version of Office suite.

Today is officially available Office 2016 for Windows. The two packages of Office home and student 2016 and Office home and business 2016 will be sold at the price of 149 or 279 euros at retail – in the box but no data carrier is included, but only a product key with which you can download the software. No Office 365 subscription is required for the operation of Office 2016 despite buy office 2016 product key sales via the Internet – you can find the details in this article: you need Office 365 to take advantage of Office 2016? What are the benefits?

Office home and student is intended for home users – also no Outlook contains the version. Who wants to work with Office, must to obtain thus the more expensive Office home and business for less than 250 euro. This is not just little, especially since there are now many alternatives to Office. Whether is still worth a buy and what reasons you read in this topic for the launch of Office 2016: buy cheap Office 2016 product key – 5 reasons that speak for it. We also show you all new features of Office 2016 in an overview.

Who already has switched to Windows 10 and would like to use Office 2016 product key takes office 2016 for Windows 10 in the article: the differences are an overview of all aspects in which Office 2016 differs for the newest operating system from Microsoft. In another article, we have summarized the system requirements for Office 2016 also once again.